Overflight, 160

We must have investment determined by voluntary savings on the market, and not by counterfeit money and credit issued by a knavish and State−privileged banking system. In short, we must abolish central banking, and force the banks to meet their obligations as promptly as anyone else. Money and banking have been made to appear as mysterious and arcane processes that must be guided and operated by a technocratic elite. They are nothing of the sort. In money, even more than the rest of our affairs, we have been tricked by a malignant Wizard of Oz.”
Murray N. Rothbard, Taking Money Back, Fractional Reserve Banking, The Solution, as found at rothbard.altervista.org

“The more any power is concentrated, the more it is likely to be used as a suppressive weapon by some few against all; hence, the less any power is concentrated, the better for all. Money power to begin with.”
“Translating Benjamin Franklin in terms of economic suppression, they that can be persuaded to whatever moneypulation, monopoly or surveillance to obtain a little oblivious consumerism deserve neither liberty nor safety and they will very quickly lose both — and together with theirs, traitorously, those of their fellow human beings as well.”
“Creating purchasing power out of nothing without due product is a crime against Humanity. Whoever is allowed to do it, or even monopolise it, or even worse set up an infinite debt trap, sooner or later will own and destroy everything and everyone.
As private monopolies have proven to be suppressive, public monopolies have proven to be big trouble sources, and the ultimate sovereignty is monetary sovereignty, the solution is: first, individual inalienable and non−delegatable monetary sovereignty; second, maximum civic−mindedness, minimum delegation rate and bottom up sovereignty; third, no oligo−monopolies, first of all in the split barter media such as money.”
Author’s note