Overflight, 153

All the associated doublespeak must be discredited and cleared away for any meaningful or widespread changes to occur. Humanity finds itself entering the 21st century with a medieval money system. Maybe some of its intense energy directed toward technological innovation can be channeled toward a state−of−the−art money system upgrade – maybe money is the ultimate technological tool of humanity!
Note that some social mechanisms that might seem to fight off parasitism could in fact be useless or even excellent decoys for the parasite. For example, if many people engage in even peaceful demonstrations at world economic summits, what is accomplished relative to capitalistic or money reform? The activists may be fooling themselves into thinking they made progress by whether they "made the evening news." They might instead more productively find myriad ways of reducing "host psychological complicity" … How about organizing conferences instead of demonstrations? There does not seem to exist a single major conference in the world for an issue as uncontroversial as "money reform."”
Vladimir Z. Nuri, Fractional Reserve Banking as Economic Parasitism

“In order to detect, handle or remedy situations one has to be able to understand and work out several things.
These are defining the ideal scene itself, detect without error or guess any departure on it, find out WHY a departure occurred and work out a means of reverting back to the ideal scene.
In order to resolve a situation fully one has to get the REAL reason WHY a departure from the ideal scene occurred. …
There are two scenes:
A. The ideal scene.
B. The existing scene.
These of course can be wide apart.
How does one know the ideal scene?