Overflight, 132

cherry on top, the icing on the cake, interest is charged by the "creator" who "earned" this purchasing power out of thin air on loaning it, too; an interest that will have to be scraped together from some other purchasing power source elsewhere. author's note]
“The defendants hereby on their own accord plead guilty of all charges:
counterfeiting (for usurping and monopolising the arbitrary privilege of creating and appropriating money out of nothing),
fraud (for cultivating untruth, muddle, mistery, superstition and subjection in people to befuddle, subjugate and keep them as far away as possible from the truth of their crimes),
misappropriation (for using, exploting and profiting from purchasing power of others as if it were their own),
theft (for stealing other people's purchasing power by creating and appropriating further purchasing power and infinite debt traps out of nothing and for seizing their properties and their lives and souls with them),
robbery (for creating, manipulating and exploiting odious debt to undermine, bankrupt and foreclose the properties, lives and souls of people),
criminal conspiracy (for enticing, co−opting and unleashing the worst among the people against people),
global economic suppression (for creating, manipulating and exploiting unfair competition, oligopolies and monopolies, conflicts and wars, and for doing it to the ultimate goal of owning and crushing everything and wveryone),
high treason against humanity (for being the root and the main force behind all plagues that push people's existences towards hell , death and extinction).
The most premeditated, concealed, relentless, continuous, widespread, long−lasting, devastating, crippling, dooming and lethal case of global economic suppression and high treason against humanity in generally known history.”
author’s note

“You know those art collections owned by banks they graciously grant fruition of to us? Art is one of our most elevated dimentions, in which we express who we are in what we conceive, create and share. If you saw a criminal, scammer, usurper and thief, delighting in flaunting to the robbed the part of the loot relating to their most elevated dimension, would you settle for calling it insult added to injury, or you’d prefer more diabolical terms? And how would you feel about restoring justice?”
author’s note