Overflight, 111

“Let’s read the very words of Kalergi … in the Wiener Freimaurerzeitung nr. 9/10 of 1923: «For the united Europe I hope for a future eurasian−negroid race …» Let’s further recall for a moment the timeline: in 1923 Kalergy writes Paneuropa, in that same year he joins the Freemasonry and the profitable meeting with Rothschild and Warburg takes place. In 1924, with the beginning of the publication of Paneuropa, Kalergi puts to good use the endowment obtained, while of 1925 is Praktischer Idealismus the "inconvenient" book where … these theories will be covered more extensively.”
Matteo Simonetti, La verità sul Piano Kalergi (The Truth about the Kalergi Plan, author’s note)

“… the inhabitants of the future "United States of Europe" will be not the original populations of the old country, but rather a sort of a sub−humankind made beastly by the racial mishmash … it is necessary to crossbreed the European populations with Asian and coloured races, to create a multi−ethnic herd without qualities easily dominated by the power elite. … The future eurasian−negroid race … will replace the plurality of populations with a plurality of personalities.”
Richard Nikolaus De Coudenhove−Kalergi (one of the earliest instigators and founders of the European Union), Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism, author’s note, 1925), as quoted in ecplanet.com, disinformazione.it, etc.

“What people everywhere must do is practice birth control and miscegenation (racially mixed marriages) in order to create one race in one world under one government.”
George Brock Chisholm, psychiatrist, first Secretary General of United Nations' World Health Organization, first head of World Federation of Mental Health, from U.S.A. magazine, 1955