Overflight, 53

“And the century of focus on technique and overproduction shall witness the coexistence of misery and stores brimming with goods. Social classes blame one another; strikes and lockouts arise and nobody – or a very few – realize who is responsible for the disaster. They do not notice that the modern alchemists of the bank, with their "promissory notes" committing them to pay what they do not have, debilitate, dishearten and let go to pot their victims, that is, the whole mankind. The root of all the economic evils is but the creation of credits by the banking institutions that do not have enough money to fulfil their "promissory notes". All the bankers of the world … are in a state of permanent insolvency.”
Joaquin Bochaca, La finanza y el poder (Finance and Power)

“The largest cost borne by those who create money out of thin air is that to prevent people from realising it.”
Marco Saba

“The world main economic and political activity consists in the extraction from the society, by the private banking system, of the purchasing power produced by society itself. It is conducted thanks to a mental and cultural manipulation that makes it unrecognizable, or rather invisible.”
“… the actual, even though not declared, role of the state is indeed that of constantly siphoning off the wealth of the general populace to the owners of the state itself.”
Marco Della Luna, Paolo Cioni, Neuroschiavi (Neuroslaves)