What about my message?

We’re all trying to help, one way or another.
And the more one uses one’s best to help where it matters the most, the better for all.

Where does it matter the most?
At the roots of the individual, of society, of economy.
Not without reason basics are called basics: they are.
And the more they’re fundamental, the more they’re taken for granted, overlooked, forgotten… and finally manipulated to stab us in the back.

Where’s one’s best?
In a certain propensity for the real importance, the roots of things, the real causes and mechanisms, to keep at it in spite of everything, and to share.

Why putting my two cents in?
For the concurrence of two coincidences: that of the roots, causes and mechanisms with my inclination for them, and that, unfortunately rare, of a certain wealth of knowledge, allowing me to piece it together.


What about me?

I’m just myself.
I had the honour to be called, one who understands, and, a deep thinking person. To which I would add an innate sense of presence, sharpness, decency and communion.
No titles, no labels, no junk: just you and me, my message to you, and no substitutes for your personal judgement.


What about this material?

Data are data.
A datum has been defined as anything that can be known. An information has been defined as a datum that has been evaluated.
Whom and where it comes from, how and why, and whether it is palatable or unpalatable, well, that’s something else.
What matters is whether the datum in itself, not the something else, is blindly accepted or rejected, or rather personally inspected, verified and evaluated as true or false, important or negligible, basic or trivial.
Thus, again, no titles, no labels, no junk: just you and these data, and no substitutes for your personal inspection, verification and judgement.


What about this site?

What’s it intended to be?
A reference point. Which includes telling it like it is: in full, no sweetening, no watering down.
The first step is having the knowledge: from this, everything else can follow.
I’ll assume you have the spine to face it as it is. And to help me let others do the same, too.

Why a site?
I begun this work with the idea of reaching you by traditional publishing, until it was superseded by the idea of reaching you sooner, faster, better and more by an internet site to begin with, regardless of future developments.
A number of obvious reasons played a role in the decision:
the wider diffusion of the internet compared to traditional publishing;
the size of this work is a resource on the internet, while a barrier in traditional publishing: the wider the site, the more people can reach it through a greater number of diverse researches, while the bigger the book, the less people are likely to tackle it;
even though unfinished, what already done is quite enough to reach you now, instead of postponing it until it is finished and thus fit for traditional publishing;
I always did, I am doing and I will always do this for help, and never for profit.
To this end, a word about the spirit of its copyright license: if you share my commitment and contribute ideas, ways, means to help anyone more on the basis of my work, we’re side by side, while those who aim at exploiting, hampering, sabotaging, dispersing it are obviously not. By reserving the right to grant consent for the use of my work and to refuse its abuse, my aim is to protect and strengthen the riverbanks and thus the river.

Why its essential aesthetics?
There is a certain range the ends of which have been both variously described: not just in terms of the real thing versus anything else, the real cause versus the wrong causes, the truth versus distractions, red herrings and lies, but also of the basics versus the trivia, the essential versus the immaterial, and of simplicity versus complexity, of concentration versus dispersion, as well.
Guess which direction leads you out of the traps and which one deeper into them instead.
There is nothing here to sidetrack or disperse your attention. Which includes putting my face on it, so you know it’s me and that’s that.
All the real essential answers are basically simple. That’s the reason for the site’s aesthetics.
If this makes it appear outdated or against the tide, well, draw your conclusions.


To get in touch with me, just e−mail me at:

luca (at)

Only, please keep into account that, as I said, I am just myself.

Luca Esculapio