The Price of Existence

An individual entering a world infected
By the puppeteers of the infinite debt trap
Is much like one entering an extermination camp
But the latter would notice the joke on the gateway:
«Arbeit Macht Frei», «Work sets you free»,
Whereas the first doesn’t even realize
Crossing a gateway carefully hidden
Where it’s up to you and me and to each of us all
To hang the sign of final shutdown:
«Suppressives and potential trouble sources,
Stolen monetary sovereignty,
Purchasing power out exchange,
Debt money,
Infinite debt traps,
Monopolies and oligopolies
Make us all
Slaves tortured to death.»
As the Poet said,
«Through me the way is to the city dolent;
Through me the way is to eternal dole;
Through me the way among the people lost.
All hope abandon, ye who enter in!»
… Unless YOU
Wake up
And stand up.
If you don’t,
No one else will.

We know who you are
We know what you are
We know what you’re doing
We know how you’re doing it
We know why you’re doing it
And we know what to do
We know
And we know better than you