“What kind of world are we living in?” In other words, the more one is present to oneself and to where one is, the more one wonders, what the … is going on?

This is a manual on the basics of what is really happening behind the scenes, what it is and how it works.

I wrote it for you, personally. Before I explain you what it is and why have I written it to you, I want to tell you this:

On one hand, examine it closely first, and then evaluate by yourself how much this influences your life and that of your loved ones and fellow men, and thus what importance it has.

On another hand, pass it on so as to allow others to do the same evaluation for themselves. It’s their right just as yours, defend both.

On another hand more, don’t just forget it after a single glance, but keep it at hand, where you can repeatedly consult it, so you don’t lose any chance of finding out clues, trails, ideas, facets you didn’t notice before.

As there are many things of which I think it is important to inform you, I want them to arrive to you exact, complete and clear, so now I shall focus on this for a moment.
If you think you won’t have particular difficulties in this, you can skip the rest of this foreword if you want; in case you had, just come back here.
Should you think you already know about the following points, I would like you to consider it a verification rather than a refresher, because there could be differences compared to how you know them. Whether new or not, in every case I ask you to take it seriously, and I hope that in doing so you will understand the importance of these points.

A thing catches the eye according to how more conspicuous then the rest it looks, but showiness and importance are two separate qualities, so, in order to dissolve showiness and see the importance impartially for what it actually is, keep on observing the thing.
In a summary, in particular, the subject is concentrated, so information may not be immediately detectable in all its importance, scope, entirety, details, without unpacking and expanding it to its actual size. Nothing here is pointless or dispensable; on the contrary, look at every word as a concentrate to observe and ponder repeatedly to extract its full meaning and scope.
Developing a datum from its most syntethic form to its full potential for application is not trivial at all but a study in itself, to devote attention, time and energy to.