Wars Amongst the Poor – the Right Question

Crisis, then… We are in a deep bad economic crisis, steadily underway toward starving and poverty, and survival is at stake. At least for the most of us.

And history is cluttered up with such economic crises.

If we look around, we see basically four things:

The life conditions and the future of roughly 99% of people keep on worsening, while the reverse happens to the remaining 1%. (By the way, just while I was doubting you may deem these figures a bit overestimated I heard the news say that 1% of people owns more than the remaining 99% summed up…)

Countless “wars amongst the poor” of countless types, with endless disputes as to why a poor, among the poor contending for what little there is, should have the priority over another poor.

Ideological, political, economic positions endlessly opposing to one another, never settling their disputes, while stirring up a lot of commotion.

Ideologists, politicians, economists seemingly fight crises and problems in good faith and do not seem to solve them either because those crises or problems are too big events for human means, as if they were floods or earthquakes, or because their opponents won’t let them work long enough, or because they make mistakes in good faith, or because someone undermines their work out of dishonest personal profit.

The first of the following quotes can be found on the internet cleverly paraphrased as follows:

“The most important step in arriving at the right answer lies in asking the right question.” Albert Einstein