A Disclaimer… to Urge Mustering Up Courage

I have to put a disclaimer now: do not take my word for anything you read here. I have to tell you that nothing in this essay is to be interpreted as involving any responsibility for me about it or about any consequences of it.

But I don’t say this only because we’re about quite serious matters here and so we have to safeguard ourselves to have any chance to help. I say this for another, not less important, reason, too: your personal integrity.

Never base your judgment on prejudices, fixations, or unverified facts; inspect first, only then decide. Never think you know enough: inspect closer and you’ll often find further unexpected key information. Never take relayed information as valid: inspect personally and go to the source.

Much like teaching to produce is better than providing products, encouraging to rely on self and to account to self rather than to someone else, autonomous rather than dependent, is a better service rendered. That's another reason why I favour here showing you investigation lines, and my motto is, “Go to the source and inspect for yourself.”

Also because truth is made of facts and facts are intolerant of blind faith and opinion: truth is how things are, and things can and must be checked, which never requires blind faith but rather objective and unbiased inspection and testing.

This essay is to make you look with your own eyes at what you didn’t realize was there. This means speaking clear to lift the smokescreens. This means focusing on basic concepts and common denominators rather than on single cases and secondary details, because if you get the concept you can then apply it to any given circumstance, put it to the test, and discover yourself specific cases. And everything mentioned here is out there waiting for you.