Heartily Recommended Readings

There is a tendency to snub, disregard, ridicule, fight, betray, twist, alter, reverse and lose knowledge to the degree it is vital, particularly so in the presence of suppression, PTSness and humanoid faults.
We may say that basically the subject here is civicism, and we should clarify that civics is actually the basic manual of what it means to be, and what it involves to be here.
And then we should realise that as such it is a primary target: snubbed, disregarded, ridiculed, fought, betrayed, twisted, altered, reversed, clogged up with details out of context, relegated in the last position and nearly lost, it is actually the most basic and important subject.

And among its foundations are the core, the phylosopher’s stone, the overall picture and the price of existence expounded here: find out where you are.
Hope you will be so kind to excuse me for considering nearly all these references somewhat fundamental, exceptional and the like; in my defense, I’ll say that they are; and by strict definition of such adjectives.
And this is not the usual list of references. As such, it indeed provides a vast scope of trails for in−depth analysis but, far from being a dusty shelf filled with academic prop whose fate is yearning to be browsed by someone who will never do, contented with knowing they are there, everything here is a vital basic that in my humble opinion anyone ought to know to be able to fulfil one’s duty as a human being. So I wish you consider and read them carefully.

I’m not bragging and you have my word; once you know, you will tell me.