Heartily Recommended Readings, 2

Each person I mention here obviously exceeds far and wide my comment on why he or she is here; in a similar way, however vast, this list of basics is far from exhaustive; that’s why I dedicated this essay, in addition to you and others, “to those whose name is” but also “to those whose name ought to be”, and not only “in these heartily recommended readings, here”, but also “in such heartily recommended readings, elsewhere”. Their works are definitely part of mine, and my work is definitely an introduction to theirs.
By the way, I wrote my work directly in both English and Italian, and when the quoted excerpt from another author in either language does not have an original title but a translated one, it means that I coundn’t find it published in that language so I translated both the excerpt and its title.
Now and then in studying this material I discover that I’ve come on my own to the same conclusion some of them arrived at, and I am very pleased. Demonstrating that I figured it out myself is totally immaterial, I would think that anyone can, and enabling anyone to do so is the only thing that matters. As I said in the introduction to the overflight, my work pales compared to theirs, and in fact it is aimed at putting theirs together, in your hands.

When you investigate the subject you realise how many individuals did how much work, and how much information is available thanks to them as a result; the ensuing impracticability of listing them all proves the bottleneck is elsewhere: in our willingness to pay the price of freedom – or of existence, for that matter –: observing, investigating, verifying, studying, understanding, knowing, confronting, screwing our heads back on, and doing something effective to straighten things up and keep them straight.