Synopsis (Recap)

Welcome to here and now. Every way in, out, through or up begins by finding out where you are.

The subject is: “What the … is going on?”
If I may take the liberty to introduce this subject and answer this question in a nutshell, I’ll do it with its key factors:

The Core:
Every effect has its causes, anything that is going on included. The root cause is the intention of individuals, and the outcome proves the nature of the intention. Hence anything unpalatable that is going on is rooted in the evil intentions to that effect of some individuals, and in the lack of counter intention of too many of us.

The Philosopher’s Stone:
How can such individuals amass so much power to produce so much damage to us all? The answer, the tool, is the perfect crime, if there ever was one; and the outcome proves its perfection: the criminal dream of the philosopher’s stone that transmutes lead into gold is a reality, and we’ve been kept carefully uninformed for a long time.

The Overall Picture:
How can almost every nightmare and almost no dream come true so inescapably and sistematically? The answer is found by adding up the core and the philosopher’s stone: the most lethal weapon in the most lethal hands. And once you know the addends, the result of the addition takes on a wider significance.

The Price of Existence:
So? Are we doomed or can we survive that lethal addition? Can we do something about it?
The list of the real faults is the list or feasible repairs. False problems further confuse away from the solution; the real problem sheds light on it.

So let’s get to the point.