Synopsis (Recap), 7

The second – last but not at all least – cause is what is called DEBT MONEY. The bankers in league with their accomplices do not settle for stealing the purchasing power generated by creating the money, but when they loan that loot to the robbed citizens, both directly and by means of public institutions, they demand an interest, too.
This not only aggravates the theft, but activates a SPIRAL OF INEXTINGUISHABLE DEBT: the debtor must pay back more than he “received”, but the only one capable of creating what the debtor must pay back more is the creditor himself. Consequently, in the presence of usurped monetary sovereignty and debt money no country and no people may ever pay back their debts fraudulently induced, but can only sink deeper and deeper into them. And end up paying them in hunger, sweat and chains.
One may happen to hear the expressive term “odious debt”; if we define it as any debt designedly caused by the creditor to the purpose of bleeding, seizing and enslaving the debtor, well, there it is.

What is, in fact, the INEVITABLE AND INESCAPABLE consequence of either one of these causes?
Anyone that usurps monetary sovereignty from its legitimate owner, the producing citizen, and thus has at his or her disposal an inexhaustible source of purchasing power at zero cost will be able, sooner or later – the time taken, ten, one hundred, one thousand years is immaterial –, to become MONOPOLIST, AND BUY AND BECOME ABSOLUTE MASTER OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.
That is the philosopher’s stone: purchasing power out of nothing at zero cost.