Synopsis (Recap), 6

How does one maximize the fractional reserve? The money existing in the form of physical cash circulating outside of their circuits is not part of their reserves, therefore they cannot use it for the fractional reserve; on the contrary, all the money that remains in the form of accounting entry within their circuits gets multiplied almost infinitely with this trick with mirrors, or rather sleight of hand: supposing the current fractional reserve is 10%, a bank creates 100 units of money out of nothing, keeps 10% as reserve and then loans at interest 90 units to its customers, which use these 90 units by giving them to others, which in turn deposit them in their banks, whom keep 10% as reserve and loan at interest 81 units to their customers, which use these 81 units by giving them to others, whici deposit them in their banks, whom keep 10% as reserve… is the set−up clear?

Is there any difference between a legalised thief of monetary sovereignty and a counterfeiter, other than the first controls the law and the second doesn’t?
Is the thief claiming he’s not a thief because he doesn’t steal more than he himself established to steal right?
This THEFT has been defined THE GREATEST SWINDLE IN HISTORY, and I totally agree. And I believe that, due to its nature and order of magnitude, this theft, this scam, qualifies as CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. As THE GREATEST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY OF THE WHOLE HUMAN HISTORY.

Particularly since this mechanism has an INEVITABLE AND INESCAPABLE consequence, that arises from two precise causes:
The first cause is known as unfair competition: if in a group of competitors there is only one who can have any resource – money, labour, energy, raw materials, knowledge, etc. – at its disposal at ZERO cost, while all others must bear a cost for that same resource, this is an UNBRIDGEABLE competitive advantage.
The consequence of an unbridgeable competitive advantage is that sooner or later – the time taken, ten, one hundred, one thounsand years is immaterial – the competitor enjoying it will put out of business ALL the other competitors. And if the resource at zero cost for only one competitor and costing money to all others is even money itself, the pathway is more open and clear than ever.