Synopsis (Recap), 4

Firstly, money must exist in ratio to the exchangeable products and services, to allow the exchange of the existing ones and the fulfilment of the potential ones. Not more because it pillages the economy, not less because it suffocates it. Secondly, in real life yesterday’s production made possible today’s production, this in turn makes possible tomorrow’s one, and all them together, on the common denominator of trust, honesty and justice, guarantee survival and future. Therefore money must reflect real life honestly: if the intrinsic value of money is zero and so its purchasing power is born out of nothing in someone’s pocket, then it properly belongs to its legitimate owner, the citizen that works and has produced, produces and will produce the actual value, the products and services, to the degree of his or her production. And nobody else has the right to usurp it, as is the case since too long.

Monetary sovereignty gets USURPED and STOLEN from the citizen, and not once but TWICE: the first by the rulers, the second by the bankers.
First, society develops institutions, and the individuals who climb these institutions use the force of the law to steal monetary sovereignty from the citizen.
At this stage, all the peoples of the world take for granted a false and destructive idea: that the monetary sovereignty has to belong to the state.
Then the individuals that climbed the institutions to exploit them sell out to the bankers, and use the force of the law to make sure that the state gives away monetary sovereignty to the bankers.
Then again, those same individuals in league with the bankers use the force of the law to make even sure that the state borrows from the thieves the loot it fraudulently gave away to them: the state borrows from the bankers, against real collateral and at real interest, that money it granted them to create out of nothing at zero cost, instead of being the state itself to create it, and instead of, better still, restoring this faculty to its legitimate owner: the citizen.