Synopsis (Recap), 23

Point ten: the root
Be aware that the root is the intention of individuals: anything is but a tool in the hands of individuals, individuals act upon intentions, and all the rest depends on this. Be aware that the rotten apples that originate the destructive intentions may even be a few, but the real problem is that there are always too many sane apples that allow themselves to be invaded by maggots: that instead of detecting and stopping the destructive intentions they accept, relay and amplify them. As a consequence, in the presence of destructive intentions and in the absence of immunization against them, any potential risk becomes a real danger, and there are those who will use as an instrument of destruction as much anything as its absence. And when the rotten apples and the apples invaded by maggots have at their disposal the unlimited purchasing power produced by the philosopher’s stone, the consequences are unimaginable, but nonetheless tragically real. Be aware that as a direct consequence, immunizing each one of us to detect and stop the destructive intentions instead of relaying them amplified is by far the most important issue, because in its absence the fate of anything and anyone, including ourselves and life and the civilisation themselves, is doomed.

Point eleven: the compass
The foundation of immunization, of detecting destructive intentions, influences and actions, is discerning destructive from constructive. Despite being made difficult by the obvious pressure to disguise betrayal as help, at the root it is simple. All life, all life forms, ours included, strive to do one simple thing: survive. Which literally means to live as well as possible, as long as possible, individually, in mutual cooperation and globally. Hence, anything is constructive or destructive, positive or negative, good or bad, right or wrong, to the degree it contributes to or opposes that.
This is a clear and simple compass, so however puzzling each given specific case, it makes it possible to orient in it. Part of this orientation is that this commitment to survive is permanent, hence so does this compass. Not only are true values measured by how they contribute to life, but it will always be so as well. As a consequence, part of the orientation provided by this compass is that true values are absolute, and thus any pressure to relativise them is premeditated destruction, it is directly part of the attack or indirectly results from it, and any backing down or acceptance of such pressures is a deficiency of immunization, itself a fruit of the destruction and of the attack, too.
For the compass to perform its function, one must see both it and the facts for how they really are. As they are both usually obfuscated by unwillingness to look, fixation on opinion and justification, doing it is not trivial nor obvious, but then the picture comes clear: to find out whether an idea, an action or an individual are sane, maggot−ridden or rotten, just assess and evaluate the product, the result, the actual consequences, in terms of difference between before and after, between with and without it.