Synopsis (Recap), 24

Point twelve: conclusion
At this point…
one can start from the assumption that it is always possible to do something about it in general, and that specifically one can do something, actually and firsthand, about the roots of what is going on;
one knows who, what and where the roots are, and one knows what is truly necessary and why: vanquish the core and destroy the philosopher’s stone, so the rest too can fall into place;
one knows how it’s done: by rebuilding enough human beings, starting from oneself, wise and determined enough to overcome, one by one and shoulder to shoulder, our deliberate sabotage, plunder and destruction;
and one knows that “no servomechanism, no expedient, no surrogate will ever do; only you and I rolling up our sleeves will.”

Should rolling up your sleeves seem too… “steep” to you, remind what we’ve been told time and again: “don’t bite off more then you can chew”, and then transform it in: “find out what you can chew, and do bite that off.”
We’re talking here about a fundamental issue: getting out of apathy, fear, refusal, disinterest, hesitation, procrastination and the like; the way to get through them when it gets hard is just as fundamental: proceeding gradually.
Which is composed of two words: gradually, and proceeding; in other words, determining and consciously applying the appropriate amount of pressure and persistence.
First, find out what one can chew: it may be merely directing one’s attention to the idea that something can be done about it, it may be demonstrating that something can be done about anything, and it may be finding something that one can do. And then keep at making sure that one does bite what one can chew: that one does perform what one can do.
By the mere fact of taking one step in the right direction after the other, the consideration of what is possible expands.
And finally keep in mind that it has been said that nothing stays the same, and therefore the reverse is true as well: no steps ahead does not mean to remain still; the smaller and powerless you feel, the smaller and powerless you’ll keep on becoming.