Synopsis (Recap), 22

Furthermore, at an even more fundamental level, the legitimate owner of monetary sovereignty, the citizen, uses it to help; the usurpers of monetary sovereignty, bankers, politicians and their puppeteers, use it to betray.
d) Feasibility
While both inspiring and preserving participation in the indirect political democracy is a thankless task, because sadly many are disinclined to intellectual and civil commitment, on the contrary inspiring and preserving participation in the direct economic democracy is much more rewarding, because luckily economy is at the root of life, and thus observation, benefits, sociality and the facts alone are enough to involve in honest money and means of exchange.
Revolutions and political changes require a critical mass whose attainment involves failures, problems, risks and pitfalls, puppets and puppeteers, before, during and after the show. Economic democracy – on the contrary – can be implemented with complete graduality: one step, one individual, one group, one area at the time; and with the least fuss, hassle and casualties.
Among the qualities of graduality, a not negligible one is that it maximizes the opportunities to prepare as well as possible to handle both the change and the opposition, and this is essential because obviously it is to be expected that the criminal masters of dishonest money, our occult slave masters, oppose our liberation by whatever means, and thus it allows to prepare at best for a war on all fronts: consensus, law, force.

Point nine: the engine
The first requisite to solve a problem is that there is someone there, aware of the problem and willing to solve it, and economic suppression is no exception indeed.
Be therefore well aware that it is vital that you play your part to rebuild the human being: the individual, the family, the community and the society, beginning by yourself, must be put back on their feet, with their head screwed back on, the gaze straight ahead, thinking clearly, and willing to know and to solve.
And be just as well aware that this opposes head−on all the pressures, overt or covert, carefully and strategically spread everywhere with the common final goal of a broken−up society formed by blind, apathetic and ultimately suicidal amoebas.
As to this, it is interesting to observe how rebuilding the human being is at the same time an aim and a means to achieve it: the human being must be rebuilt to defeat such pressures, but to rebuild the human being these pressures must be defeated. Indeed it has been said that to achieve the state you want you must act, at least to a certain degree, as if you already were in that state. And that’s where what we call intention, self−discipline, spine, willpower, resolution, courage, and the alike comes into play.