Synopsis (Recap), 16

So, who are these people?

To find out, just follow the long chains of who owns or controls what. Grabbing some of the loose ends around and starting to pull them, following their trails from the company to the corporation to the bank, further and further up, one rapidly discovers a pyramid of strata of monopolies. Who’s on top? The fact that along the way up it becomes more and more difficult, if not impossible, to find out is no coincidence; on the contrary it demonstrates that there is an intention behind secrecy. But it won’t alter the fact that a pyramid does exist, and that a pyramid top does exist; on the contrary it confirms their existence.

And then, it’s not a what: it’s a who. This pyramid is not made of legal entities, but of individuals.
And the crimes perpetrated by the individuals at the top of the pyramid find no parallel in the whole human history. In proportion to what these individuals deserve for their crimes, the Nuremberg trial is comparable to sending Dennis the Menace behind the chalkboard for throwing paper.
Should this seem a mere sound bite to you, face this synopsis again and more deeply, please. History is littered with bloodstained puppets ended up on the gallows and puppeteers in white gloves worshipped as saviours, therefore by now we should have learned not to be distracted by the sight of blood and to scan beyond that in search of those who lay the foundation and pull the wires… and the nets.

So, what’s to be done?

Take our head off the noose.
It’s not a matter of “if”; there is no alternative: if we do nothing tomorrow will keep on being even worse than today, endlessly and forever; in fact, they say things can always get worse.
We’ve already experienced world wars and atomic bombs, and a dystopian relationship between economy and finance is already the case today, such that for every unit of actual value existing in the world there are in existence many dozens of debt securities continuously growing.
Shall we try to imagine what is going to happen when the 1% of the world, the top of the pyramid, will knock with police dogs and subcutaneous RFID chips at the doors of the 99%, of the rest of the world, claiming credits and intent on expropriating goods amounting to tens or hundreds of times anything that exists on the planet?