Synopsis (Recap), 19

Point seven: foes and trenches
Acknowledge that you are at war against apathy, stupidity, ignorance, unawareness, and evil: pure and simple destructive intention; be aware there can be opposition, and be always prepared for it. Be aware that these foes never sleep, while both you and your friends may be put to sleep just by them, as a sly but effective strategy of hollowing out from the inside. Be aware that it’s a trench warfare in which every moment one can advance or move back one foot, by opening or closing again someone’s eyes.

Point eight: the core
We must wipe out of existence the philosophers’ stone. We must take back what is rightfully ours, and whose theft makes it possible for the thieves every other oppression and destruction: we must take back monetary sovereignty.
Until we plug up the drain, fighting over the taps while the tub drains is not only a waste of resources, but red herring as well; politics is but a mass diversion weapon to divide us and distract us from solving economy: the smokescreen to keep us in the hamster wheel rat racing to death. Does the so−called “Right” say that to honour our debts we must restore our balance by tightening our belts? Does the so−called “Left” say that to honour our debts we must relaunch our balance by spending more? Both would be partly right, if it weren’t for the tiny, insignificant detail that that debt is INTRINSICALLY FRAUDULENT AND INEXTINGUISHABLE. Need I say more?
Economy, not finance, is the honest exchange of the fruits of our toil thanks to which we live, and the economy is strangled by a parasite: the criminals that have stolen YOUR monetary sovereignty.
The debt claimed over us by these criminals? Consult the definition of “odious debt”: the whole mankind is being drowned in what can only be defined as the mother of all odious debts.
Incidentally, it is an interesting fact that even if, ad absurdum, anything exposed here were completely wrong, false and backwards, taking back monetary sovereignty is just and correct, and it does not have any downside whatsoever, anyway: taking back from the criminal what is ill−gotten and give it back to its legitimate owner is always so.