Synopsis (Recap), 13

The other reason why the theft of monetary sovereignty is probably the greatest crime against humanity of the whole human history are its consequences: the world is being strangled by stolen monetary sovereignty, debt money and monopolies also because the resulting power gets plowed back into further crimes against humanity, which are in turn amongst the greatest of the human history. And even though their range is immense, their aim is the same: maximizing the power of criminals by increasing the transfer of purchasing power from the citizens to them, and reducing human resistance by any means, such as poisoning, de−education, disorientation, manipulation and social engineering. The usurpers of monetary sovereignty, for instance, not only act as a parasite of society feeding on its metabolic flows: the economy; they even artificially increase its economic metabolism by fomenting consumerism. But what’s even worse is that their purpose is twofold: not only they do that to fatten faster at the expense of the host organism – us –; they foment consumerism also because it contributes to producing both an ethical castration and a spiral of addiction to surrogate values, and both contribute to the attainment of their purpose.
In fact, you can see how mankind is being attacked on two fronts simultaneously, with a constant pressure to reverse absolute and relative: the right and the important things are being ridiculed and destroyed, the wrong and the unimportant things are being mythicized and imposed as their surrogates. And since no surrogate can ever take the place of the original, a spiral is created: seeking the original where it will never be found – among the surrogates – gets inevitably and exponentially more and more desperate – or hopeless. There are those who feel it instinctively but revolt against it blindly, there are those who instead get blind drunk of it under the illusion that they can forget about it, and both play in the hands of the manipulators by sinking in the quicksand. Now, on the one hand the front of this attack spans over the whole horizon, on the other hand it is unanimous, consistent and coordinated; do you think all this can happen by chance?