Synopsis (Recap), 14

There are no effects without cause. And since things do not happen by chance but they are caused, the trend of things is a direct indication of the intentions behind them. They say that, if they were just mistakes, statistically half of them should be in our favour; that is, if it were just stupidity and ignorance in good faith, so to speak, the statistical mean of the consequences ought to be relatively neutral. Therefore the fact that things go constantly and invariably wrong for the common citizen proves there exist evil intentions at work, not just stupidity and ignorance; and how much things go wrong demonstrates how much power these evil intentions have. Who has an interest in convincing you that things do not have causes? The culprits and the exploiters. And the basic principle is that behind any conflict that goes unresolved there is always a hidden third party actively committed to fomenting it, otherwise the two parties of the conflict, by dint of communicating, would sooner or later figure it out, hence the only thing to do is cooperating with a view of discovering this third party, and that is all.

Knowing that the theft of monetary sovereignty does exist, and knowing that evil intentions do exist, we can strain our imagination and estimate the consequences on a global scale of combining these two elements: all the world’s gold in the hands of the worst intentions. What is happening in the world is the demonstration. And a little preview of what is going to happen. Particularly comparing the statistic of the theft of purchasing power on the one hand, and that of the state of society on the other hand: if the current state of affairs is already serious, by comparing these statistics it is evident that the present, no matter how dystopian, is but a little taste.
One only has to observe how for instance in the last decades the individual, the family, the community and the society are being destroyed with an aggressiveness and a speed in direct ratio to the share of power in the hands of the criminals that stole monetary sovereignty from the citizens.
Destruction, to be more effective, proceeds from the inside, hollowing out, degrading, deviating and turning upside down the conscience of individuals, which then actively pursue self−destruction instead of fighting it. The initial aim is a barbarised mankind, the intermediate aim is an enslaved mankind, the final goal is an extinct mankind.
What’d you say? An insane goal? Exactly. And we’ve learned by experience that many pursue insane goals undisturbed, isn’t it?