Synopsis (Recap), 20

The way out is freeing the economy from the money controlled by these criminal parasites. The solution is using any form and any medium of credit, payment and exchange that is honest.
The definition of honest money here is totally precise and incontrovertible: its purchasing power belongs from its very emission to its legitimate owner, the individual that produces the products that it buys, and is under his or her control, instead than owned and controlled by criminal parasites.
The other mediums include non−monetary exchanges and self−managed circuits of mutual credit and of local, alternative and virtual moneys, all of them on the sole condition that they are honest.
It has been said that money is an idea based on confidence. A means of credit, payment and exchange, such as money, is an agreement that unites a group. Using it is joining that group and strengthens both the means and the group, for better or for worse: in the case of a local money supporting its community for the benefit of all, as well as in the case of the oil−producing countries accepting only the dollar to support it to the detriment of the rest of the world.
One can join in of one’s own will, or passively, or against one’s will. Usually, one does not join oppressive groups of one’s own will, hence duress is a sign of oppression. Therefore, guess where the defence of freedom and survival begins: in choosing, using, defending and strengthening with one’s presence free and honest mediums of exchange and groups.
This is the way out in times of crisis and emergency, too: a crisis or emergency is an endemic or sudden scarcity of survival factors, and all survival factors are produced; hence to get out of it the potential, possible production must be made possible and facilitated, and the way to achieve it are means of credit, payment and exchange. And the trust of which they are the instrument.
The good will of individuals is the engine that will overcome the crisis, the fuel to make it work are that form of trust known as credit and the generosity of those who extend it, and that fuel materialises in those means. That generosity should in turn be fuelled by the awareness that by extending credit one is just catching up with all the help one receives from the others and from the world, that one would not receive if they were not there, and must necessarily extend to both the debts of the past and the credit for the future.
And whether those means are a bet on the future thrown over obstacles or a further step down in the quicksand trap depends on whether they are honest or dishonest. Lending dishonest means is the tool of criminal parasites to further expropriate and enslave people, and that is the way to the bottom. The way out is people helping one another via honest means of credit, payment and exchange.