Synopsis (Recap), 11

Passing off a promise of payment as money consists of inducing people to accept it as if it was. And it lasts as long as one is not asked to keep that promise. The scriptural money created out nothing by the bankers lasts as long as their bluff isn’t called. That’s why bankers pressure to convince us that is the natural order of things and to make it last forever. In two ways, mainly, they exert such pressure.
One is fighting cash and dictating a cashless society, as previously mentioned: they’re not fighting “fraud” and promoting an “efficient” society. Who, them? As I said before, they’re just fighting to expand their lethal weapon called fractional reserve, fighting to establish their totalitarian monopoly on the economic life of anyone, fighting their bluff being called and being called to keep their promises, and fighting to expand and make their usurpation of monetary sovereignty last ad infinitum, in terms of both time and scope.
The other is the by−the−book criminal conspiracy called clearing house. When I owe you ten quids and you owe me nine quids, there’s nothing wrong at all in one quid changing hands instead of ten quids changing hands in one direction, while nine quids change hands in the opposite direction: plain common sense. But when banker A owes banker B ten of their promises of payment created out of nothing, banker B owes banker A nine of them, and only one of them changes hands instead of nineteen… do things utterly change.
All bankers have their peers under their thumb. It would be enough that a banker called a fellow banker to keep his promises – pay his debts to him in real money, cash or whatever form issued by the real formal holder of monetary sovereignty – and he would knock that fellow banker out. But bankers are careful not to do that for a very good reason: it would be worse than pushing the red button of the atomic war, in terms of immediate retaliation and total annihilation; and their fellows surviving it would not forgive them. So, why being so stupid to push that button and kill their golden goose, particularly if there’s plenty of golden eggs for everyone?