Synopsis (Recap), 12

Whence, the criminal conspiracy: the trick stands up as long as no one calls a banker to keep his promises of payment? So all bankers play along and hold their bags to one another: they accept each other’s promises of payment and are careful not to call each other to hold them, and in doing so they set up a perfectly watertight network, where their promises circulate from bank account to bank account, from citizen to citizen, seamlessly and indefinitely and no one ever dreams of calling them to keep those promises of payment. This is what the concept of clearing house applied to scriptural money is: a criminal conspiracy thanks to which the bankers’ promises of payment can last forever as no one will ever call them to keep them. This closes the cycle in what is called banking reflux: the scriptural money, after having been simultaneously created out of nothing and lent by the banker, and then repaid to the banker, from then on never ceases to exist, and the biggest scam in history with it.

And finally, as I said before, this loop of synchronised tricks, pretences and sleights of hand is sealed, legalised and covered up by a series of legal curtains, whose existence raises obvious questions with obvious answers.

Is that all incredible? Exactly. But it is often so when it comes to truth; in fact, putting it under your nose and making it appear incredible are among the most used methods to hide it.
The answer to any doubt, perplexity or skepticism is the statistic of wealth distribution in the world in the last centuries: a curve that rises esponentially in time, with an increasingly higher percentage of wealth in the hands of less and less people. today we’re at the point where 1% of the population owns more than the remaining 99% put together.

And all this always keeping in mind that these crimes against humanity get perpetrated by manipulating a monetary sovereignty, a purchasing power, a money that were stolen from their victims in the first place. Kind of like those regimes that charge the family of the death row inmate the cost of the cartridge used to kill him, with the tiny difference that the inmate is the whole mankind and the execution takes place undetected as such.