Edoardo Montolli

Indebitalia – In Italia si può ancora morire di tasse. I segreti del fisco che nessuno ti dice (IndebtItaly – In Italy one can still die of taxes. The secrets of inland revenue nobody tells you, author’s note), 2018

Ezra Pound pointed out that politicians are the waiters of bankers, and the greatness of artists has many facets: one is the ability to sum up, one is that to communicate effectively, but another one is a certain inclination to benevolence. The truth is that politicians are not just the waiters of bankers, but they are at their service along all the production chain that brings our flesh and blood and souls into their plates. Montolli reports detailed and above all real examples of how this takes place: how politicians hijack the law and the institutions to make them into instruments of torture, enslavement, exploitation, and starving to a final solution, and how the judiciary executes orders while the media cover up and create diversions. These are not just waiters; these are the leg pullers, torturers, livestock keepers, sheepdogs, butchers, cooks, waiters, dishwashers and garbage collectors of bankers.