Fruttero & Lucentini (Carlo Fruttero and Franco Lucentini)

Il cretino, rispettabile se non esauriente trilogia sull’argomento (The Cretin, Respectable If Not Exhaustive Trilogy on The Subject, trilogy composed by: La prevalenza del cretino – The Prevalence of The Cretin, 1985, La manutenzione del sorriso – The Maintenance of Smile, 1988, Il ritorno del cretino – The Return of The Cretin, 1992, author’s note), 2012
The “F&L’s trilogy of the cretin” is here to keep alive and sharp the “spintera”, the spark of presence through common sense that expresses itself through its sarcastic humour. In these times where the amplification of the suppressive pressure aimed at first numbing and then exterminating mankind, implemented through the combination of moneypulation, media and information and communication technology, begins to bear its poisoned fruits and to take its toll on a global scale, preserving our sharpness becomes a matter of life or death for all mankind.

L’amante senza fissa dimora (The Lover of No Fixed Abode/No Fixed Abode, 1999, author’s note), 1986