Foreword, 4

Should you ever object that this sounds much like studying and you don’t like studying, well, this is the first demonstration of how much in depth the destructive effects of misunderstanding or not understanding fully can reach: the very meaning of “study”. Do you think studying means teachers, classrooms, books and nothing else? Oh, no. It has been said, and it could be said, that studying means mastering yourself, your attention and abilities, applying them to something to find out more about it, and knowing, understanding and mastering that something as a result. The more you observe this in your own life, the more you realize that this is exactly what you do all your life – whenever and wherever you’re after any change, any betterment, studying is the one thing you do the most, right after breathing, and thus probably among your very best friends, as proven by comparing you now to when you were born: just figure out whether you would still be here at all now if you knew nothing more than your first wail. It has been said that an individual is alive to the degree he or she can communicate. And it has been also said that you are as alive as you are able to learn.