Overflight, 90

«A tax ought to be levied on every flag, so as to encourage the Nations to unite rather than to divide.» Robert Cooper, European Union General Manager for Foreign Affairs and Defense, interview published by El Mundo on 18th September 2008
«We're on the verge of a global transformation, all we need is the right global crisis and the nations will accept the new world order.» David Rockefeller, in a United Nations meeting with ambassadors on 14th september 1994
«Something has to take the place of governments and the private power seems to me the most appropriate subject.» David Rockefeller, published by Newsweek International on 1st february 1999
«Many governments must realise they lost their national sovereignty for some time now.» Mario Draghi, president of European Central Bank (ECB)
«We're at the end of an era, that of the affluent society.» George Soros”
Cristina Martín Jiménez, Perdidos. Los planes secretos del Club Bilderberg (Lost, The Secret Plans of Bilderberg Club, author's note)

“Revolution is a blow struck at a paralytic. … When the debt−grip has been firmly established, control of every form of publicity and political activity soon follows, together with a full grip on industrialists, [both management and labour]. The stage is then set for the revolutionary blow. The grip of the right hand of finance establishes the paralysis; while the revolutionary left hand that holds the dagger deals the fatal blow. Moral corruption facilitates the whole process.”
A.H.M. Ramsey, The Nameless War, as quoted in William Guy Carr, Pawns in the Game