Overflight, 96

«We’re talking about tens of millions of Americans who weren’t suspected of doing anything who were surveilled in this way.» CNN News
«There are 1.2 million people on various stages of their watch list. … That could raise a profile of this whole political situation with whistleblowing to a whole new level. I actually think that’s a great thing. I think people are going to see what’s been hidden again, again and again by a totally different part of the government.» Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden discussing about new sources and leaks
«Recent reports have revealed that the NSA have access to the encryption keys and have paid tech companies to introduce backdoors in encryption protocols. So we’re going to talk about the ways in which we can defend against governments spying on us.» 2013 hearings of the European Parliament to investigate NSA surveillance on EU citizens and companies, introduction to the speeches of Ladar Levison and Jacob Appelbaum
«There’s maybe some technical basis on which they can say that we are not actively collaborating, or they don’t have what we consider in our definitions to be direct access to our servers, but what I do know is that I’ve talked to more than one person who has sat at a desk, at a portal, and typed there commands and reached into their servers from a distance. So, whatever they want to call that, that’s what’s happening. … This is the single greatest infringement of America civil liberties, probably of all times, isn’t it? … When you have secret codes, secret operations like PRISM, secret investigations which go in every single cough of the Americans’ life without any member of the American public knowing about it, that’s not freedom, is it?» interview and comment in CNN News
«Snowden was charged … principally under a World War I era criminal law called the Espionage Act. … It was only used to prosecute people who had been accused of acting with a foreign power. Spies, not whistleblowers. And it’s a very unusual legal representation…