Overflight, 158

“The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
Thomas Jefferson

“Since democracy means popular political sovereignty, the people must have monetary sovereignty as well, which is a constitutive and essential part of the political sovereignty, in a system of actual or full democracy in which money is to be declared, on the basis of its origin, the property of citizens from the very moment of its emission.”
Giacinto Auriti, as found at simec.org

“Human rights will be truly achieved only after the recognition of the PEOPLE'S OWNERSHIP of MONEY.”
father Quirino Salomone, as found at simec.org

“It might be thought that the mix of government and money is too far gone, too pervasive in the economic system, too inextricably bound up in the economy, to be eliminated without economic destruction. Conservatives are accustomed to denouncing the "terrible simplifiers" who wreck everything by imposing simplistic and unworkable schemes. Our major problem, however, is precisely the opposite: mystification by the ruling elite of technocrats and intellectuals, who, whenever some public spokesman arises to call for large−scale tax cuts or deregulation, intone sarcastically about the dimwit masses who "seek simple solutions for complex problems." Well, in most cases, the solutions are indeed clear−cut and simple, but are deliberately obfuscated by people whom we might call "terrible complicators." In truth, taking back our money would be relatively simple and straightforward …