Overflight, 114

“The alchemists of ancient times vainly sought the philosophers’ stone which they believed would turn lead into gold. Is it possible that such a stone actually has been found? Can it be that the money alchemists of our own time have learned how to transmute war into debt, and debt into war, and both into gold for themselves?
In a previous section, we theorized a strategy, dubbed the Rothschild Formula, in which the world’s money cabal deliberately encourages war as a means of stimulating the profitable production of armaments and of keeping nations perpetually in debt. This is not profit seeking, it is genocide. It is not a trivial matter, therefore, to inquire into the possibility that our elected and non−elected leaders are, in fact, implementing the Rothschild Formula today.

It is one of the least understood realities of modern history that many of America’s most prominent political and financial figures — then as now — have been willing to sacrifice the best interests of the United States in order to further their goal of creating a one−world government. The strategy has remained unchanged since the formation of Cecil Rhodes’ society and its offspring, the Round Table Groups. It is to merge the English−speaking nations into a single political entity, while at the same time creating similar groupings for other geopolitical regions. After this is accomplished, all of these groupings are to be amalgamated into a global government, the so−called Parliament of Man. And guess who is planning to control that government from behind the scenes.

When reviewing this aspect of the Fed’s history, questions arise about the patriotic loyalty of men like Benjamin Strong. How is it possible for a man who enjoys the best that his nation can offer — security, wealth, prestige — to conspire to plunder his fellow citizens in order to assist politicians of other governments to continue plundering theirs?