Overflight, 44

“Therefore it takes beginning to learn again, as if we were three−years old, to notice the difference between the construction of current reality administered by politicians and academics and the actual reality.”
Daniele Pace, The Utopian Money

“You might think, again as we did, that scientists are impartial and that the aim of science is nothing other than to get to the truth. Neither of these things are true, as we discovered. …
Support for this thinking comes from The Journal of Health Psychology when it says, «Originally, the tobacco industry opposed the makers of NRT [Nicotine Replacement Therapy], but now both industrial enterprises seem to be finding common ground as tobacco and NRT have begun reinforcing each other and keeping the addiction to nicotine alive.» (Robin Hayley’s Introduction) …
Because doctors are the accepted experts on the damage that smoking causes to health, they are also assumed to be the experts on helping smokers to quit.
In fact, their knowledge consists of a mishmash of ignorance, illusion and myth. For years, they have brainwashed smokers to believe it is very difficult to quit and that it takes enormous willpower. Their whole attitude is:
Try this method! If that doesn’t work, try another!
This is a perfectly reasonable strategy in the absence of anything better. However, when I discovered a system that would enable any smoker to quit easily, immediately and permanently, they ignored it. … Unbelievably, 23 years later, they are still perpetuating the same ignorance, myths and illusions that keep nicotine addiction flourishing. …