Overflight, 109

“The fundamental crime is BEING THERE AND COMMUNICATING.”
L. Ron Hubbard

“And it becomes understandable as well why a suppressive is fixated on things like keeping others … under a useless, obsessive, absurd, spasmodic, ruthless — in other words, suppressive — control…
A suppressive permanently sees anyone else as an active enemy to either kill or be killed by, and potential trouble sources [potential trouble source: one who is subject to a suppression and who can't do anything about it to fight back. (By use of the initials, an individual under such a condition is also referred to as PTS, and the condition as PTSness.)] are suppressed enough to relay and amplify the suppressive's intention instead of detecting it and stopping it; consequently, as long as there are unhandled suppression and PTSness, whatever social structure such as governments will be constantly twisted to aim at absolute power, absolute control, and ultimately at suppression. Simple as that.

Speaking of the root of things, more commonly known as common denominator, or as constant as opposed to variables, it has been said that the tendency of all human governments is to reduce the bulk of society to mere automatons of misery. And it has been said as well that the fundamental crime is BEING THERE AND COMMUNICATING. We now know how a suppressive sees ALL his or her fellow humans, and why. It therefore becomes obvious and crystal clear why there is such a universal tendency, and why there is such a fundamental crime in the first place. Suppression? Not exactly; not quite. PTSness. Too much PTSness. Too many of us too much PTS.”
Author’s note