Overflight, 162

I think these quotes do speak for themselves, if one just faces their full scope. So now, assuming this point of view, let’s begin by calling things with their name, because the more precisely we identify something, the more likely we will be addressing that instead of something else, and thus the more able to actually handle it we will be.

This is the reason for the title of this essay:
“Crisis? Economic Suppression…”

What does crisis mean? Well, things are not or no more the way they should… you get the idea.

What does economic suppression mean… exactly? Both words may be less obvious than one may expect, and we’re going to investigate both rather thoroughly.

As to suppression, you are likely to face here its depths and its roots for the first time. As to economics, you may object you’ve been taught economics is a dull, boring subject; some even labelled it “the dismal science”. Well, once in the know, you may come to a couple of personal conclusions; one is that someone had very good – if as much shady – reasons to have you think so and thus have you stay away from it. And the other has to do with the meaning, the depth, and the use of these two terms combined: economic suppression.