Overflight, 58

“What in the public eye looks like a sacrosanct principle, pay taxes, is actually a systematic plundering the nation’s wealth to benefit some private individuals who have been granted the privilege of issuing money.
A real wealth transfer upward, disguised as a social duty …
The taxes currently do not have any logical reason than to give to the 1 percent more than half of the wealth produced by 99 percent. …
Taxation is a consequence of the present monetary system and not an objective necessity. … coming out of the system of private money monopoly to observe the situation with the point of view of what money and its function really are, in view of the popular ownership of money, here the situation is reversed and taxation appears in its reality of enslavement and impoverishment of the nation…”
Daniele Pace, The Utopian Money

“… First of all, the federal income tax is completely unconstitutional, as it is a direct unapportioned tax; all direct taxes have to be apportioned to be legal based on the constitution.
Secondly, the required number of States to ratify the amendment to allow the income tax was never met. And this is even been cited in modern court cases. («If you … examined [the 16th amendment] carefully, you would find that a sufficient number of states never ratified that amendment.» U.S. District Court Judge James C. Fox 2003)
Third, at the present day roughly 35% of the average worker's income is taken from them via this tax, that means you work four months out of the year to fulfil this tax obligation. And guess where that money goes? It goes to pay the interest on the currency being produced by the fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank, a system that does not have to exist at all. The money you make in four months out of the year fills almost literally into the pockets of the international bankers who own the private Federal Reserve Bank.