Overflight, 123

That is about as clear a statement of the Rothschild Formula as one is apt to find. Yet, many people cannot believe it is real, even Congressmen. For example, Representative James Traficant from Ohio, speaking before the House on April 29,1997, exclaimed:
«America gives billions to Russia. With American cash, Russia builds missiles. Russia then sells those missiles to China. And China, who gets about $45 billion in trade giveaways from Uncle Sam, then sells those Russian−made missiles to Iran.
Now Iran, with those Russian−made missiles sold to them by China, threatens the Mideast. So Uncle Sam, who is concerned about Iran threatening the Mideast because of those Russian−made missiles sold to them by China that we financed by American cash sends more troops and sends more dollars… Mr. Speaker, this is not foreign policy. This is foreign stupidity.»
Traficant is on target with his analysis of the problem, but he missed the bull’s eye regarding the cause. American leaders are not stupid. They merely are implementing the Rothschild Formula. To justify world government, it is necessary to have wars and the threat of wars. Wars require enemies with frightful weapons. Saddam Hussein is one of the best enemies money can buy.
If it is true that Western leaders are deliberately funding their own enemies, we must assume they have considered Lenin’s prediction that, by so doing, they are preparing their own suicide — ours, also, by the way. We must also conclude that they are confident of avoiding that destiny. Whether they are right or wrong is not the issue here. The point is they believe they are correct and, further, they are building a world order which they are confident of being able to control. How they plan to bring that to pass is the subject of a later section, but perpetual war is an important part of it. Unless we are able to break the grip of these strategists, the Rothschild Formula will continue to play a major role in our future.