Overflight, 59

And fourth, even with the fraudulent government claim as to the legality of the income tax, there is literally no statute, no law in existence that requires you to pay this tax, period. («I really expected that of course there's a law that you can point to, in the law book, the code, that requires you to file a tax return, of course there is. I was at that point where I couldn't find a statute that clearly made a person liable, least not me, and most people I know, and I had no choice in my mind except to resign. I haven't filed a federal income tax return since I left.» Joe Turner, former IRS agent)
(«Based on the research that I did throughout the year 2000, and that I'm still doing, I have not found that law. I'd ask Congress, who'd ask a lot of people in the IRS, IRS Commissions helpers: they can't answer, because if they answer, the American people are going to know that this whole thing is a fraud. I have not filed the tax returns since 1999.» Sherry Jackson, former IRS agent)
The income tax is nothing less than the enslavement of the entire country.”
Peter Joseph’s film, Zeitgeist: the Movie, Part III

“It is important to remember that no sooner was the Dutch General sitting upon the throne of England than he persuaded the British Treasury to borrow £1,250,000 from the … bankers who had put him there. The school book history informs our children that the negotiations were conducted by Sir John Houblen and Mr. William Patterson on behalf of the British Government with money−lenders WHOSE IDENTITY REMAINED SECRET.
Search of historical documents reveals that in order to maintain complete secrecy the negotiations regarding the terms of the loan were carried on in a church. In the days of Christ the money−lenders used the Temple. In the days of William of Orange they desecrated a church.