Overflight, 129

It's like a game of musical chairs, where the number of players always exceeds the amount of chairs. I start and stop the music at my pleasure as you exhaust yourselves running around in circles for my amusement. I stimulate the "booms" (blowing bubbles), and the "busts" (letting some air out), profiting from both.
Now you know the secrets of my success and power. You're probably wondering why I would reveal the truth and indict myself like this. Right?
It's simple. It's because I do not respect you. I know that no matter how badly I screw you, no matter how much I steal from your kids' mouths… you won't do a damn thing about it.
It would never even cross your mind to take the personal initiative to spread this story around to your friends and family. If everyone who read my confession passed it on to 10 others, my game would be up in no time. But I know you won't do that. As long as there is a ballgame or a reality TV show to entertain you… as long as you have a few beers in your refrigerator… I can do or say whatever I want… forever.”
Mark S. King, as found at tomatobubble.com

“Essentially, the current creation of money ex nihilo operated by the banking system is identical to the creation of money from counterfeiters. In practice, the results are the same. The sole difference is, those who profit from it are different.”
Maurice Félix Charles Allais, physicist and economist, 1988 Nobel winner in Economic Sciences, as quoted in Danilo Peronio, La piaga nascosta del signoraggio bancario (The hidden plague of banking seigniorage, author's note)

“The actual process of money creation takes place primarily in banks. [In order to describe the money−creation process as simply as possible, the term "bank" used in this booklet should be understood to encompass all depository institutions.