Overflight, 134

Do not smash the social personality — and do not fail to render powerless the antisocial in their efforts to harm the rest of us.
Just because a man rises above his fellows or takes an important part does not make him an antisocial personality. Just because a man can control or dominate others does not make him an antisocial personality.
It is his motives in doing so and the consequences of his acts which distinguish the antisocial from the social.
Unless we realize and apply the true characteristics of the two types of personality, we will continue to live in a quandary of who our enemies are and, in doing so, victimize our friends. …
As the society runs, prospers and lives solely through the efforts of social personalities, one must know them as they, not the antisocial, are the worthwhile people. These are the people who must have rights and freedom. Attention is given to the antisocial solely to protect and assist the social personalities in the society.
All majority rules, civilizing intentions and even the human race will fail unless one can identify and thwart the antisocial personalities and help and forward the social personalities in the society. For the very word "society" implies social conduct and without it there is no society at all, only a barbarism with all men, good or bad, at risk.
The frailty of showing how the harmful people can be known is that these then apply the characteristics to decent people to get them hunted down and eradicated.
The swan song of every great civilization is the tune played by arrows, axes or bullets used by the antisocial to slay the last decent men.
Government is only dangerous when it can be employed by and for antisocial personalities. The end result is the eradication of all social personalities and the resultant collapse of Egypt, Babylon, Rome, Russia or the West.”
L. Ron Hubbard, Two Types of People