The Overall Picture, 2

As you zoom out you become aware of what exists and of what takes place outside your previous more restricted perimeter: aside, in different areas at its same level; above, in wider areas at a higher level.
You discover both further items and cause and effect relationships.
You find out items in your previous perimeter are effect of causes outside that perimeter, and you find out these causes.
This further information may validate or demolish your previous certainties; following the wires, case by case:
items having a given importance seen from inside the previous perimeter may acquire a different importance when compared to further items and relationships outside it, key issues may turn out to be trifles, and trifles may turn out to be key clues;
items looking good from inside the previous perimeter may turn out to be Trojan horses bringing about far greater destruction than the seeming good used to conceal it;
causes looking plausible from inside that perimeter may turn out to be poisoned meatballs to mislead the chasers from real causes.

Until you moved backwards and upwards, all of this was hidden behind your back. So the basic lesson is: Did I move backwards and upwards enough? Is the picture I’m seeing from here complete enough? Is there still something else, or worse, someone else, behind my back?
Watch your back, then.
How? One never knows enough. Not only about what you know you don’t know, but about what you don’t know you don’t know, and about what you think you know as well. And the more you’re able to zoom in and out, the less chances to be stabbed in the back, even without knowing it.