Rule Over the Environment

We are used to associate to the term “environment” a nature−related definition, based on fauna and flora, but here we’re interested in its basic definition as “everything that surrounds an entity”; whatever that entity is, its environment is the world surrounding it and everything in it. More to the point, it is everything connected to that entity by a cause−effect relationship, regadless of the direction of such cause−effect direction.

What is the environment of the entity that I call usurpers of monetary sovereignty, moneypulators, economic parasites and canker?
Well, the answer in itself is quite simple; confronting it is where the difficulties start. How far the moneypulators’ reach goes? How far will the purchasing power out of nothing at zero cost of those who control “all the world’s gold” go?
The obvious answer is, anywhere under the sun, the moon and the stars – us included in the first place, goes without saying – and not even the sky is the limit. Because wherever someone acknowledges and accepts their purchasing power, the road is wide open for them, hence wherever that someone can reach, they can reach.
Confronting that scene with our feet on the ground, what does it mean, in practice?

I will exemplify what I mean by borrowing again from G. Edward Griffin a couple of cases, documented in his The Creature from Jekyll Island, which I like to call “the Creature from Jekyll Island case”, and “the Not−So−Junk Bonds case”.