The Hollowed Out Social Bond

There’s a ratio between the oppressor and the oppressed: the number of cartridges in a gun’s magazine is finite; once it’s all used up, the survivors hang, draw and quarter the shooter for good. So if a crime syndicate is to extend its domination beyond that ratio, it has to expand its ranks.
Particularly, for any suppressive it is imperative and essential to turn his or her fellows into irresponsible firing squads executing one another, something that you will see in a deeper light once you'll be aware of the Third Party Law and the Milgram experiment further ahead.
And the bankers basically want the whole world, plus interest. So the pyramid scheme they create is not different in nature from any other criminal pyramid, but it is in size: usual, but this time its order of magnitude is global, and laid on the society as a whole.

Who could ever have the money to buy everyone, whatever the price? The answer to this question, further extended ahead, is: unprecedented fact in history, they do. The remarkable fact being indeed that they are in a position to do it: nobody in the society has as much political power and as much economic power as they do, and furthermore those powers of theirs are of such a scale that they can affect the society globally. Carrot−and−stick? They have enough financial resources to deploy both at an order of magnitude unapproachable by other criminal conspiracies. An example?