Speculation, Winners, Losers and Odious Debts: Finance Against Economy

It’s no wonder that finance is a Frankenstein’s monster haunting the moorlands of real economy, wreaking havoc and butchering horrifingly: it was created for that exact purpose. Finance is the moneypulators’ monsters, bred in a laboratory and unleashed in the world to perform exactly what it is doing: wreaking havoc, plundering and butchering. Yes, it’s true, there are some differences, but hardly they’re mitigating circumstances… Doctor Frankenstein groped around toward a goal whose outlines were blurred, and both the facts that the creature revealed itself to be a monster, and that as a monster it broke out and left behind a trail of destruction, occurred outside his will. Moneypulators proceed toward an exact goal and know exactly what they’re doing, and the creature is born for the exact purpose of being a monster and it is unleashed intentionally to carry out its mission. Moneypulation manipulates money, hence finance with its speculations is nothing but its practical implementation.

Economy is the ethical impulse of people to survive, finance is the suppressive action of moneypulators to exploit, rob, enslave, starve and murder people through speculations, debt money, infinite debt traps, and all the rest of it. Hardly the two could be more diametrically opposed.
Economy is the implementation of the ethics of survival through production and exchange of survival factors. Finance is a fixed gambling, and as such it is out ethics twice: once for being gambling, once for being fixed. To the degree production and exchange are honest, economy is a game where everybody wins, because earnings are the reward for delivering survival factors. As intrinsically an implementation of dishonest “production” and “exchange”, finance is a game where, whether someone ever “wins” at all, someone else loses for sure anyway.