The Harvest Snowballs: The Banker-King-Big Corporation and Banker-Politician-Big Corporation Criminal Conspiracy

From the strong roots laid out above, an array of “minor” accomplices arises, operating the endless parasitic businesses involved in this major plan. Nations can be made to squander through endless streams of quids, so endless are the businesses that can be set up to swallow those streams. Too much work to be single−handed by a king and a banker or a politician on their lonesome. Just like machinery needing personnel to operate it, this huge robbing factory needs labour force, so a pyramidal structure ensues, where the more people is close to the top, the more initiated, more accomplice, and less innocent and numerous they are.

But this is just stage one. Pause one moment to confront it, then consider you’re giving it but a first superficial glance, and prepare to confront its actual scope. Because the point is, this scope is beyond compare. Remember when I said that he who is allowed to create money out of nothing – that is, the power to create purchasing power out of thin air and consequently to plainly steal it from others – will sooner or later end up owning everything and everyone? Well, welcome to its fulfilment in actual practice. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

To this stage, the banker has been able to buy the king and the politician as accomplices, and thus putting together an unrivalled amount of economic and political power. Not that the banker has an unlimited power yet, but already no greater power exists: it’s still in relative terms, not yet absolute, but that’s quite enough to take off.

That basis now allows him to proceed on the conquest of the whole market. If stage one is weaving and throwing the parasitic net for fishing the schools of squandered quids, stage two is exploiting the power of unfair competition on a global scale.