Trojan Horses for a New Robbing Scheme

Whether the banker’s accomplice is “democratically chosen by people” or not, this makes no difference; whether it’s a king, a politician or a public official, whether democratically chosen by election, appointed above people’s heads or enforced by sheer force, when they conspire together they aim at this and only this: How do we steal more freedom from people in order to steal more purchasing power from them? How do we steal more purchasing power from people in order to steal more freedom from them? How come this aim is so nicely symmetrical, palindrome, in a way? Well, what is the common denominator between stealing purchasing power and stealing freedom? What’s the very same thing that’s taking place in both cases? Exactly: suppression.

To this aim, institutions will just keep on being exploited for embezzlement and enslavement, if not created for that very purpose, which is not news; only now it’s becoming more covert, more deceitful. More and more the good is set forth on the stage as a Trojan horse for the evil behind the scenes. You can certainly list dozens of examples of good things polluted by evil and thus exploited to smuggle more evil. Worse than that, though, the breadth, the scope, the depth of this deception is going to be unprecedented. At least not in economics: people have been suppressed by deception before, but never to that extent in the field of economics and by means of economics.

Now that someone owns all the gold in the world – an unlimited source of purchasing power for free – it’s no more a matter of “if”, but just a matter of “how”. As parts of this “how”, many Trojan horses enter the scene, devised by these conspiring criminals as parts of a lethal whole; unsurprisingly in actual fact, the whole scene begins to fill up with horses, and what’s more it continues to do so since, and all of them are liable to be Trojan horses. The first, the foundations, are things like usurped monetary sovereignty, debt money, fractional reserve, central bank, income tax, circus democracy, war, ambiguous money cycle… but all in all, once someone owns all the gold in the world, the whole history becomes a matter of Trojan horses, so from now on you can call everything with its name and label them all as such.

I have already discussed the basics that constitute the philosopher’s stone of suppressive moneypulation; now let’s discuss the further suppressive tools, whether economic and not, built and run on those foundations.