From The Philosopher's Stone To The Overall Scene: How Come?

Working backwards from effect to cause, the obvious question we should be asking is: How come? A question that gets clearer by asking it repeatedly.
First repetition: How come this overall scene? First answer: All the world’s gold in the hands of the darkest souls. The tool discussed in the philosopher’s stone at the service of the intention discussed in the core.
Second repetition: How come the philosopher’s stone? Second answer?

Tradition is not all−powerful, and it lives out of agreement just as anything else: anyone, anytime, anywhere in history, might say, “It’s been this way since the goldsmiths began to issue more receipts than they had gold in their vaults… so what? That a scam and a crime is continuous does not make it less of a scam and less of a crime. If anything, quite the contrary, right? So they can take that tradition and shove it.”
Which suggests a third repetition: How come this did not occur almost anytime and anywhere as it should? Third answer?

I won’t bother to summarise here again the privileges that those citizens more equal than others called bankers enjoy, nor to highlight their full scope, which now I take both as well−established above as crimes against humanity. As I said, we are luckily dealing with facts, not opinions, hence once you know these privileges and how they work, well, you can judge on your own whether they are innocuous trifles or crimes against humanity, and whether their enjoyers, beneficiaries, champions, promoters, defenders as well as those who look the other way pretending not to see them, regardless of whether they’re “mainstream” or “heretics”, are innocent or guilty of such crimes.
However, it is crucial to be well aware of their order of magnitude, because the greater the privilege and its scope, the louder the fourth repetition resonates: how come that bankers enjoy such a staggering privilege? Fourth answer?