Monetary Monopoly in Monopoly Racing: Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

(Ubi maior minor cessat: latin for, literally, “where the greater is there, the lesser ceases.”)

Observing in transparency what is going on in the business world as to who owns what and who owns who, what you glimpse you may call monopoly racing. A kind of races that lacks sportsmanship by nature, also because gang wars, technically speaking, are monopoly races. “Ready, set, go! And may the worst team win…”

Monopolies are suppressive, hence aiming at them is suppressive. And gang wars start between criminals aiming at monopoly, hence gang wars are monopoly races, where monopolies compete and fight in a despicable “mors tua vita mea” war. But things can be worse than that, when at the starting grid of this suppressive race monetary monopoly lines up against the competing monopolies.

Monopolies are suppressives because they are out exchange with society, whose level of survival depends on the contrary on the degree of ethical production and exchange of survival factors: they aim at taking the most out of it and give to it in exchange as little and as worse as possible. Monopolies deprive society of both part of the potential quality and quantity of production the society could express without them, and part of the resources that society without them may have available to develop and produce it. Hence monopolies are social parasites, and both the parasite and the host organism can survive as long as the host organism can support both itself and the parasite. When the degree of parasitism reaches that level, either the necessity level of the host organism is strong enough to make it rise up against the parasite and defeat it, or the host organism dies.