Democracy, Reduced to a Trojan Horse

Alas, individuals appear to be somewhat aware of production and exchange as basics of survival and thus of ethics, so robbing them with taxes was a bit harsh for kings, inefficient, in a way: the king asks for money and they resent it to a point of rising up against him for far less than what hankered after by the king and the banker.

So our partners in crime wonder: how to loot more and sweat less? Or, if one wanted to call things with their name: how to butcher more and get their hands less bloody? Well, by replacing assault with deception – as usual –: by using something good as a Trojan horse to infiltrate something evil. A good lure on the hook will do the job.

People demand back some more of their stolen rights? Be it. Well, maybe not too fast and easy so they do not become either suspicious or demanding. Just give them enough to blame the nation’s insolvency and debt on them. After all, we’re going to recoup what we concede in due time… and with interest… but not before the plunder is complete.

So, how does democracy become a Trojan horse?

“In the beginning was infinite debt trap through debt money.” We now know that if you can have this established and running for your benefit, you will end up owning everyone and everything, it’s just a matter of time. Indeed it’s worth pointing out one more time that time is on their side, not ours: keep in mind as you go ahead that every day, year, decade that passes by, if that single cancer is not eradicated, it will just keep on transferring stolen purchasing power from the society to that criminal conspiracy.